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René Plessner Associates, Inc. is a boutique executive search firm founded over 25 years ago by René Plessner, specializing in recruiting for entrepreneurial companies including cosmetics and image-driven firms. There is a particular emphasis on finding talented individuals for entrepreneurial companies, but whether a large corporation or a family-owned business, the common desire and requirement on the part of our client is a thorough understanding of their recruiting needs. Our expertise lies in finding those individuals who combine analytical and creative skills who can help a business expand and improve. We span a broad range of functions, with general management, sales and marketing, operations, finance, creative and design being particularly strong areas.

We are a professional organization with a support staff that conducts extensive research when a new assignment is begun. We quickly identify target companies, prospects and sources at the initiation of an assignment. In addition, we have a sophisticated computer network which boasts a database of over 25,000 names.

What we believe distinguishes our work is our client partnership and our emphasis on checking references. We listen to our clients and understand their vision, and through our close personal involvement, qualify and recruit candidates who possess not only the "fit" and the required management competence, but also excellent people skills. Our philosophy of search is that people should be judged primarily by their reputation and their ability, not solely by a resume which delineates only experience.

Biographical Information on René Plessner

Born in Belgium and raised in the United States, René graduated from Columbia College. He began his career at Helena Rubinstein and also held positions at Lehn & Fink and Revlon. Entering business for himself, he started Spectrum Cosmetics, Inc., a manufacturer of a prestige cosmetics line for black women. In 1972, he founded René Plessner Associates, Inc., an executive search firm committed to finding corporate executives who are both business-minded and creatively inspired.



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